Leverett Elementary School Civil War Project

During the 2013-2014 school year, the sixth grade class at Leverett Elementary School researched Leverett’s involvement in the Civil War and documented it in a small exhibit now housed at the Leverett Family Museum. The students visited graveyards in Leverett and the surrounding towns to discover, through hands-on investigation, the names of people who potentially lived (and died) during the Civil War.

A cemetery in Sunderland

Because graveyards often show incomplete pictures due to people moving away and being buried in other places, the students also consulted primary source documents in Leverett Town Hall and in the Family Museum. They found draft letters and volunteer enlistment lists that helped complete their picture of Leverett during the Civil War.

Their final project was a poster board displaying key documents they found as well as their final list of Leverett townspeople who served in the Army of the Federal Republic during the Civil War. The poster board is accompanied by several books on the Civil War that visitors are welcome to peruse, as well as handouts of the student’s findings. In addition to the impressive academic work the students accomplished, they also created a more lighthearted handout with interesting trivia related to the Civil War. Please enjoy their work as presented below and then stop by to see the display in person!

The final exhibit

The final exhibit

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