Artifact Case Studies

We have chosen a few intriguing items from our large collection to expound upon and explain, since we know that many objects that were once common household tools have become mysterious contraptions we no longer understand. These case studies attempt to explain the function, context, and to some extent the history and development of certain tools. After reading these brief descriptions, stop by our museum to see them in person (and perhaps experiment…)!

Town Weights and Measures

Town Weights and Measures


L. Field’s Tavern sign

L. Field’s Tavern Sign

The tavern, which stood on a plot next to what is now the Leverett Family Library, had been owned by Fields since 1790. It was a landmark for the town, and even for Franklin County, for 156 years. It was perhaps at it’s highest popularity when it was operated by Lucius Field and his wife … Continue reading L. Field’s Tavern Sign