As a small, somewhat rural museum, our exhibits depict the agricultural, economic, and industrial endeavors of the town of Leverett as well as its social history. Our artifacts and archives are now available for viewing by the public on Saturday mornings, but feel free to arrange an appointment at another time. We strive to preserve the history of Leverett through writing and education, and we encourage visitors to stop on by and delve into the rich, vibrant history of Leverett.


A Brief History of the Museum

The Leverett Family Museum was originally the Bradford M. Field Memorial Library, built in 1916 by Bradford’s daughter Elizabeth Judson Field. Bradford, who died in 1913, had been a farmer and postmaster, and his daughter wished to honor his legacy by building a library in his memory. Prior to the Field Library being built, there had merely been various home libraries scattered throughout the town, resulting in a lack of organized knowledge. Though the library was technically built by the town, Elizabeth Field financed it and assisted in the design. The building remained a  library until 2003 (when a more modern library was built), but it also housed on the second floor a collection of local artifacts, photographs, books, and papers which had accumulated over the years. It was these items that were transformed in 2009 into the exhibits and archives which the museum now houses. The Family Museum is part of the Leverett Historical Society, which maintains not only this building but also an historic schoolhouse in Moore’s Corner (northeast Leverett) and a sawmill that is being restored on North Leverett Road.