Leverett at War

Leverett’s citizens have been enthusiastic and patriotic supporters of our freedom and our country’s best interests. Accordingly, many such citizens have given some (or all) of their lives to the service of our country. The following biographies and exhibits highlight the contributions and historical context of a few representative Leverett veterans. If you would like to contribute a biography of yourself or a relative, please contact the Family Museum at (413) 548-9452 or 548-9207, or stop by during our hours to discuss how you would like to contribute to our ongoing project.

French/Indian & Revolutionary Wars-Montague

Civil War - Putnam Field

Civil War – Putnam Field

Leverett Elementary Civil War Project

Leverett Elementary Civil War Project

Spanish/American War - William Field

Spanish/American War – William Field

Civil War – Putnam Field

Born on November 10, 1836 to Moses and Rhoda C. (Putnam) Field, Putnam Field was given his mother’s maiden name and raised in Leverett. Little is known of his life until he worked in a printing office in Winsted, Connecticut from 1854 to 1856. For two and a half years after that, Putnam worked in … Continue reading Civil War – Putnam Field