Further Reading

Further Reading

The following titles relate to the history of Leverett and its surrounding areas as well as farming, industry, and the Pioneer Valley and Western Massachusetts more broadly. There is also a plethora of writing to be found in the Family Museum itself, including journals, article clippings, interviews, and writings by the museum’s caretakers and volunteers.

Books by Leverett/Pioneer Valley Authors

Summer for Joey by Lyle Glazier 1987.

Tall Trees and Wild Bees (Memories of a Childhood that Never Really Ended) by Stewart Coffin 2006.

The Unheralded: Men and Women of the Berlin Blockade and Airlift by Edwin Gere 2004.

A White Bird Flying by Rufus Chester Field 1963.


Books about Leverett

Cynthia Whitaker Tufts (autobiography) 1920.

Field Genealogy by Frederick Clifton Pierce 1901.

A Genealogical and Biographical History of the Field Family of Massachusetts and Vermont and the French-Henry Family of Virginia and Texas: A Union of North and South by Charles Kellogg Field III 1985.

History of the First Congregational Church of Leverett, 1774-1979  by Ruth and Edward L. Field, Sr. 1979.

History of the Mount Toby Friends Meeting by Helen Griffith1989.

Leverett Massachusetts 1774-1974 by the Leverett Bicentennial Committee 1974.

A Leverett Ramble by Llan Starkweather 2010.

Leverett Reconnaissance Report, Massachusetts Heritage Landscape inventory Program 2009.

Leverett, the community by Georgene and William Bramlage and Jane Davis 1974.

A memoir, biographical and genealogical, of Sir J. Leverett, Knt., Governor of Massachusetts Bay, 1673-9 by Sir John Leverett 1856.


Books about Franklin County

Epitaphs in the Old Burying Ground at Deerfield, Massachusetts by Charlotte Alice Baker and Emma Lewis Coleman 1924.

History of Greenfield: shire town of Franklin county, Massachusetts by Lucy Jane Cutler Kellogg and Francis McGee Thompson 1904.

The History of New Salem Academy, 1913-1995 by Eleanor McGinnis and Steven Blinder 1995.

History of the town of Ashfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts from its settlement in 1742 to 1910 by Frederick G. Howes 1910.

History of the town of Bernardston, Franklin county, Massachusetts. 1736-1900. With genealogies. by Lucy Cutler Kellogg 1902.

History of the Town of Hawley, Franklin County, Massachusetts: From Its First Settlement in 1771 to 1887, with Family Records and Biographical Sketches by William Giles Atkins 1887.

History of the town of Sunderland, Massachusetts, 1673-1899 by John Montague Smith with genealogies prepared by Henry W. Taft and Abbie T. Montague 1899.

Meeting of the Montague Family at Hadley, Mass., Aug. 2, 1882.


Books about the Pioneer Valley

Amherst: A Guide to Its Architecture by Paul F. Norton 1975.

Amherst A to Z by Elizabeth M. Sharpe 2009.

An Amherst Chapbook by Stephanie and David Kraff 1979.

Brief History of the Massachusetts Agricultural College by L. B. Caswell 1917.

Cultivating the Past: Essays on the History of Hadley, Massachusetts by Marla Miller 2009.

Dinosaurs, Dunes, and Drifting Continents, a Geohistory of the Connecticut Valley by Richard D. Little 1986.

Earthbound and Heavenbent: Elizabeth Porter Phelps and Life at Forty Acres {1747-1817} by Elizabeth Pendergast Carlisle 2007.

Ez, Or, Lovemaking, Horsetrading, and Fighting in the Swift River Valley by William H. Walker 1984.

The Flow of Time in the Connecticut Valley by George W. Bain and Howard A. Meyerhoff 1963.

Forty Acres: The Story of the Bishop Huntington House by James Lincoln Huntington 1949.

Ghost Towns ‘neath Quabbin reservoir by Evelina Gustafson 1940.

Harvesting History: Amherst Massachusetts Farms 1700-2010 by Sheila Rainford and Ruth Owen Jones 2010.

Historical Catalogue of the Northampton First Church 1661-1891 by Rev. Rev. Solomon Clark 1891.

History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers by Louis H. Everts 1879.

The History of Prescott, Massachusetts by Lillie Pierce Coolidge 2013 (originally published pre-1945, year unknown).

History of the Thomas Adams and Thomas Hastings Families, of Amherst, Massachusetts by Herbert Baxter Adams 1880.

Lost Amherst by the Amherst Historical Commission 1980.

The Meadow City’s Quarter Millennial Book by the town of Northampton 1904.

North Amherst and Cushman (Images of America) by Patricia G. Holland and William N. Robinson 2012.

Northampton in the Spanish American War by James R. Gilfillan and Herbert E. Riley 1873.

Phoenix at East Hadley by Maurice Browning Cramer 1941.

Plain tales from Plainfield by Clara Elizabeth Hudson 1962.

Poets and Poetry of Springfield in Massachusetts from Early Times to the End of the Nineteenth Century by Charles H. Barrows 1907.

Quabbin: The Lost Valley by Donald W. Howe 1951.


Books about New England

Alone, But Not Lonely: One Woman’s Hike on Vermont’s Long Trail by Annie Gibavic 2003.

Dorchester  (Images of America) by  Anthony Mitchell Sammarco 1995.

Founding Farms, Portraits of Five Massachusetts Family Farms by Sherer and Gery 1993.

New England Forests Through Time by David R. Foster and John F. O’Keefe 2000.

Until I have No Country by Michael J. Tougias 2001.

Wayland (Images of America) George Lewis 2000.


Books about American Farming/Rural Life

Clearing Land: Legacies of the American Farm by Jane Brox 2004.

March (a Civil War story) by Geraldine Brooks 2005.

The Roots of Rural Capitalism, Western Massachusetts, 1780-1860 by Christopher Clark 1990.