As perpetual students of Leverett’s history, we value the dissemination of our knowledge and intellectual resources. We therefore encourage instructors to not only plan class visits to our museum but also to incorporate Leverett’s history into their curriculum. Individualized, hands-on projects can be constructed to focus on different areas of study.

For example, our archives are very conducive to historical research and writing, or even to larger group research projects. A recent project conducted by middle schoolers on Leverett’s involvement in the Civil War can be viewed here.

Other, more creative projects, can be developed, such as creative historical writing, where students respond to a prompt by creating a fictional story out of historical materials. Students could also draw/paint items in the museum for an art class; or they could write and put on a play or record their play for a theater class.

We are certainly open to working with students and educators in any way possible and would love to hear your ideas as well. Please contact us at (413) 548-9452 or 548-9207, and we will collaborate with you to develop a lesson or project that suits your students’ needs.